An instrumental ensemble, formed by:

Federico Sanesi - tabla

Nicolò Melocchi - bansuri

Leo Vertunni - sitar

Three accomplished Indian classical musicians from Italy 


In Hindustani classical music, jugalbandi denotes a duet performance whereby the soloists are entwined in the exploration of a raga (Indian musical mode). Sheer improvisation, interplay, playful challenge and the mutual nourishment of each other’s musical imagination make this form of presentation extremely dynamic and inspiring for the performers and audiences alike. Providing the fundamental yet responsive rhythmic framework, are usually one or two percussionists, themselves equally accomplished artists. Jugalbandi Trio constitutes a hybrid conception of this tradition, recalling in its name ensembles typical of jazz music.

The melodic instrumentalists, Nicolò Melocchi (bansuri) and Leo Vertunni (sitar) form a trio together with tabla player Federico Sanesi, expressing the collaborative approach in the composition of their repertoire, characterised by a concise development of the ragas, arranged structures, themes in unison and the creation of many opportunities for improvisation and interplay. The result is a work which is formally and stylistically in the Hindustani tradition, yet innovative in its elaboration and presentation.