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„Vladimir & Anton are two of the most talented, charismatic virtuoso performers I have ever worked with. They deserve to be big stars.”

John McColgan - Producer / Director Riverdance

„Vladimir & Anton are passionate, exhilarating, breathtaking. Their virtuosic performances exude sincere musicality, allied with unique takes on familiar classics.

A truly unique duo!”

David Brophy – Conductor BBC Proms

Travel Musically

Violin sensations Vladimir & Anton have wowed audiences all over the world while connecting people through their unique interpretations of the most loved songs and music from around the globe.

Coming from Slovakia, these virtuosic violinists were raised on tour with their family ensemble, allowing them to discover and fall in love with different musical cultures.

After classical studies, Vlad and Anton explored other genres of music and have developed their unique style of musical performance incorporating folk, jazz, improvising and a whole symphony of sounds that has seen audiences rise to their feet repeatedly.

We Play Music That Connects Us All
Through the universal language of music, we aim to connect with our audience and bring them on a musical journey that celebrates different cultures and traditions.

Songs that capture a nations heart, traditional songs that have evolved to become instantly recognisable worldwide.

We arrange these themes into virtuosic classical pieces while preserving the simplicity of their origin.

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