New Worlds – Terra Incognita


Fabrizio Meloni, clarinet

 Jorge A. Bosso, cello

Davide Cabassi, piano

The corners are blunted, the boundaries intersect and the bodies explode into new geometries,

made of current features and unknown energies. These are our times, where the past is converted into the sustenance of a voracious present in the name of a feeble and exhausted excitement. These are days of oxymorons, paradoxical moments in search of a different sound.

Thinking distinct programs, within a singular matrix: three sections made up of four compositions each peculiar, each differently rich.

Tradition, Between XX and XXI centuries, and ... Towards an originality of transcription. The possible choices and combinations allow for countless paths and various sound territories.

Fabrizio Meloni, Jorge Bosso and Davide Cabassi propose a polychrome and conspicuous lane of subjectivity, as their unique artistic experience.

The great repertoire of eternal music merges into an artistic gesture of substantial power and frank communication.

The poetics of a progressive rock under a different lens blends with the new tango live and current music by Astor Piazzolla and Jorge Bosso. The eclectic sound of George Antheil, the creative vigor of Zappa, the exquisite mood of Satie offer visions and metaphors full of stimulus and enthusiasm. Bosso and Montalbetti add to the ambitious versatility.

A profitable space where the art of transcription is transformed into truthful thinking and most famous trios shape a nowadays sign pervaded with an archaic and compelling contemporaneity.

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