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Markus Stockhausen, Alireza Mortazavi

East and West meet in an intimate musical dialogue. The music of Alireza and Markus invites the listener to explore expansive sound terrain, is very sensitive but also includes outbursts of intense expression  


Indialucia - an international musical project led by flamenco guitar player Miguel Czachowski; one of the first bands that have successfully combined the classical music of India with Flamenco, from Andalusia, giving concerts all over the world since 1999. The members of the project include many outstanding musicians from Poland, India, Italy and Spain.  

Quartetto 11.jpg
Novafonic Quartet

Past, present and future condensed into a unique and unusual journey through the history of Tango. Fusion and contamination, tradition and innovation, but also balance, technique, imagination and improvisation. From a stylistic and compositional point of view these are the elements that characterize Contemporary Tango.  


A precious jewel of Oriental culture, this project is based on the story of "A Thousand and One Nights" but here the ruler's psyche inspired the musicians.

A combination of music and spoken word, Sheherazade alternates the interpretation of Iranian Piano Music by Layla Ramezan with the reading of the tale and improvisations on the Zarb and Santur by Keyvan Chemirani.


Lapsus Lumine 2.jpg
Lapsus Lumine

Lapsus Lumine is a contemporary music ensemble that combines three voices with a double-bass in its compositions and improvisations. Whether creating new pieces or redefining the work of others, the ensemble’s focus is the simplicity of the song as well as the complexity of the counterpoint and polyphony. Rhythm, melody, noise and words in different languages are interwoven, resulting an evocative sound that delivers to the listener a unique sonic experience.

Ferdinando RomanoTotem feat. Ralph Alessi


Ferdinando Romano has been awarded in the Top Jazz 2020 (Musica Jazz’s annual Critics Poll) as “Best Italian Rising Star” and his album “Totem” is the Top Ten in the category of the “Best Italian Albums” in the same award.  

The Violin Brothers

Through the universal language of music, they aim to connect with their audience and bring them on a musical journey that celebrates different cultures and traditions.

Songs that capture a nations heart, traditional songs that have evolved to become instantly recognisable worldwide.

They arrange these themes into virtuosic classical pieces while preserving the simplicity of their origin.

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