Indialucia - an international musical project led by flamenco guitar player Miguel Czachowski; one of the first bands that have successfully combined the classical music of India with Flamenco, from Andalusia, giving concerts all over the world since 1999. The members of the project include many outstanding musicians from Poland, India, Italy and Spain.  

Tango meets Jazz

In Tangos at an Exhibition! a tone quality research and a design of elegant aesthetics pervade the entire musical trip. Sound images, each characteristic and peculiar, alternate with moments of lyrical suspension through each of the Promenade, feeding the illusion of the Southamerican dance as a current expression and reinvention of the sound of the city.  

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Jugalbandi trio

In Hindustani classical music, jugalbandi denotes a duet performance whereby the soloists are entwined in the exploration of a raga (Indian musical mode). Sheer improvisation, interplay, playful challenge and the mutual nourishment of each other’s musical imagination make this form of presentation extremely dynamic and inspiring for the performers and audiences alike.  


A precious jewel of Oriental culture, this project is based on the story of "A Thousand and One Nights" but here the ruler's psyche inspired the musicians.

A combination of music and spoken word, Sheherazade alternates the interpretation of Iranian Piano Music by Layla Ramezan with the reading of the tale and improvisations on the Zarb and Santur by Keyvan Chemirani.


Moondog Project

This journey is inspired by Moondog, the pseudonym of the visionary American songwriter and composer Louis Thomas Hardin. Divided between the love for classical, beat and jazz life, forerunner of minimalism, esteemed by lot of jazz musicians and composers such as Philip Glass and Steve Reich.

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