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- Une création de Jorge Bosso digne d’illustrer un film de Tim Burton ne fut pas éclipsée par Martha Argerich en solo …


Martha Argerich Festival, Lugano July 2007, Diapason Magazine


On January 2014 Decca released my version of Piazzolla’s Las Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas performed by Enrico Dindo and I Solisti di Pavia. During the same year I premiered my Tre Meditazioni for mixed choir a cappella and solo cello at the cathedral of Vicenza, commissioned by the Festival Biblico during the opening speech of the cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi. I have had the privilege to make an offer of the composition to the Pope as a gift in October 2015 – published by Casa Musicale Sonzogno.

On the fall of 2014 I conducted the premiere of VALENTINA! Un violoncello a fumetti at Teatro Fraschini with Enrico Dindo and I Solisti di Pavia. 

On 2018 I was commissioned two major works – Der Dichter spricht Schumann/Bosso and Das Buchstabenhaus - by the Wiener Staatsoper.   

During the last years I composed music that has more to do with a conceptual idea, at the research of a transcendental, metaphysical thought. Result of my compositional path is Kohelet for solo violin, solo cello and mixed choir based on the holy book Ecclesiastes; Duo I and Duo II for violin and cello; Piano Trio for violin, cello and piano, String Quartet N°1/Lachrymose; Requiem for mixed choir, soprano and solo cello; MOSHEE for solo cello and 17 strings; Bridges based on the Preludes and Fugues op. 87 by Shostakowitsch for female choir and ensemble; Je Suis Surikov Kazakh Russe for baritone, solo violin, solo cello, Russian folk group, string orchestra, percussionists, mixed choir and children choir commissioned by the Municipality  of Krasnoyarsk. 

All the works have been performed in different cities and countries: Moscow (Tchaikovsky Conservatory Bolshoi Hall), Saint Petersburg (Bolshoi and Small Hall of the Philharmonic Society), Nizhny Novgorod (Kremlin Hall), Krasnoyarsk (Philharmonic Hall, Opera and Ballet Theatre), Petrozavodsk (Philharmonic Hall), Salzburg (Summer Academy), England, Switzerland (Martha Argerich Festival), Turkey, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, Croatia, USA, Spain, to name but a few.

I also chose to propose some previous works, from a different perspective. Strauss violin, piano Sonata op.18 (orchestrated for solo violin and symphonic orchestra), Der Frühling der Minnesänger (Bach/Bosso) for solo violin and mixed choir, Debussy Cello Sonata (for cello and strings and for cello and symphonic as well), Debussy Violin Sonata for violin and symphonic orchestra, Ravel Posthume Sonata for violin and symphonic orchestra. The premieres had been performed by Enrico Dindo/Gavriel Lipkind (cello) and Dora Schwarzberg (violin).

As a cellist I had the privilege to perform with artists like Dora Schwarzberg, Ivry Gitlis, Martha Argerich, Lilya Zilberstein, Stephen Bishop Kovacevic, some of these performances had been released by EMI.

During 2012 I have recorded a cycle of 20 radio programs Alla Ricerca del Tango Perduto, broadcasted by the RSI, Rete Due, the (Italian Swiss Radio).


On August 2017 I had premiered Tangos for group and orchestra (BossoConcept, Giuseppe Verdi Symphony Orchestra at the Fondazione Cariplo Auditorium, Milano)


On January 2018 it was released Tangos at an Exhibition! on CD and DVD, recorded by BossoConcept at the LimenMusic Studios.


During the season 2016/2017 I was commissioned BROTHERS – for two cellos and choir a cappella, inspired on the letters between Vincent and Theo Van Gogh -, Cinco Tangos Apòcrifos – for cello and strings, premiered at Mc Gill University -, Es muss sein! – premiered at Teatro La Fenice, a cello concerto Passacaglia in Memoriam – premiered in Beirut as soloist accompanied by  the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra in Beirut -, Tangos for group and orchestra.


On January 2020 it will be released my new CD/DVD – Music for Cello – recorded at LimenMusic Studios.

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