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RTS2 "Versus" – Vincent Zanetti 

An incredibly beautiful discovery! 


WDR 3 Kulturradio – Babette Michel

A top score (five stars) in all the categories from WDR 3. Layla Ramezan reveals the different colors with the strongest presence! This language is new, it is honest and authentic!


O-Ton – Michael Zerban 

The most beautiful moments arise almost when the sound of piano and percussions are in common and a wonderful mixture of sounds of two cultures increases.


RTS1 “Vertigo” - Florence Grivel

A beautiful journey!


Revue Musicale Suisse – Antonin Scherrer

A discovery, a beautiful revelation!

A combination of music and spoken word, Sheherazade alternates the interpretation of Iranian Piano Music by Layla Ramezan with the reading of the tale and improvisations on the Zarb and Santur by Vincent Zanetti.


A precious jewel of Oriental culture, this project is based on the story of A Thousand and One Nights but here the ruler's psyche inspired the musicians.

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