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Concert, performing pieces by Iranian, Swiss and German contemporary composers

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Tehran Modern Ensemble - TME

Tehran Modern Ensemble was founded on September 2016 by Iranian pianist and conductor Mohammad Shelechi dedicating most of its activities to contemporary classical repertoire. Through continuous research into diverse repertoire especially from middle eastern contemporary composers, Tehran Modern Ensemble collaborates with musicians and composers from all

over the world regarding different repertoire. Since 2016 Tehran Modern Ensemble performed many “world premieres” in its concert program. Keeping constant collaboration with european composers, Tehran Modern Ensemble also provides a platform for Iranian contemporary repertoire to be seen in international festivals all around the world.

In collaboration with Lugano Percussion Ensemble performing pieces by German and Swiss contemporary composers and after a great success in Tehran’s “80 Years Loris Tjeknavorian” Festival on January 5th, 2018 and performing early works of Iranian composer Loris Tjeknavorian for the first time in Iran, Tehran Modern Ensemble is expanding its repertoire with a dialogue between east and west. Tehran Modern Ensemble wishes to perform this particular repertoire all over the world in different music festivals and concert halls.

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