lapsus lumine

Marta del Grandi – vocals

Sabrina Oggero Viale – vocals

Erika Sofia Sollo – vocals

Stefano Risso – double bass, compositions and arrangements



Ernst Reijseger – cello

Jim Black – drums

This journey is inspired by Moondog, the pseudonym of the visionary American songwriter and composer Louis Thomas Hardin. Divided between the love for classical, beat and jazz life, forerunner of minimalism, esteemed by lot of jazz musicians and composers such as Philip Glass and Steve Reich.

The project idea has been developed by  Lapsus Lumine, joined by two of the most important figures of the contemporary scene, as guests: the Dutch cellist and improviser Ernst Reijseger and the American drummer Jim Black

The line-up re-reads some Moondog’s work and plays original compositions inspired by his aesthetics, moving masterfully between musical territories apparently far from each other.

The sextet made its debut at the Torino Jazz Festival 2019 edition, as a TJF original production, and has been one of the main shows of the festival, with great public and critical acclaim.

In April 2020 Marta del Grandi joined the ensemble replacing Giulia Deval.

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