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Cristina Zavalloni, voce
Mario Marzi, Sax soprano/ alto/ baritono
Achille Succi, alto sax, clarinetto basso
Rise Beatbox, beatbox

Four renowned Italian musicians, international soloists with different backgrounds (classical, jazz, pop), meet up and merge their experiences and love for music, giving life to this new exciting adventure.

The recipe they decide to work on is Baroque repertoire + Beatbox, as irreverent as it might sound!

Masterpieces of composers such as Perotinus, Bach, Vivaldi, Storace, Handel, Purcell revive in this unusual, unorthodox, original, present yet respectful approach.

The final result is pure music: no matter the instruments or the different individualities, the joy that springs from the encounter of the four musicians and the absolute beauty of the compositions engage listeners of all ages in a fresh and energetic experience.


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